Art for the Table

Today’s art project is about creating art that your kiddo can make while you are in the kitchen. So have them pull up a stool and give them a snack and a paper towel or two while you get the meal on the stove or in the oven. 

Today’s project is decorating paper towels. Sounds funny, but let me tell you, it’s amazing what designs are available on an everyday paper towel or paper napkin. There are indentations that just call for decorating. My kids have spent hours decorating napkins and paper towels…sometimes they look so great we don’t even use them! But you can also use these napkins at your table and then, viola, into the compost they go…no waste.

Here’s how some examples of what we call napkin art! Granted these napkins were done by an older kid, this would be great for a preschooler to create awesome designs and watch the colors explode on the thin paper. Encourage your child to make a napkin for all people at the table.

To take this project to the next level, ask your child to create patterns using certain colors- alternating two to three colors. Ask them if they see designs in the repetition of the printed dots in the towels. I think each brand of paper product must have a unique pattern. It’s been fun to compare! Find one line of dots and follow it from top to bottom, or maybe just want put some color and design on the napkin and have it as a special napkin at dinner or for a picnic. Finally, if you want to experience a little art and science, test the solubility of the markers…draw on the paper towels with the water soluble markers and then spray them and watch an abstract painting emerge.


Paper towels or paper napkins (you can use the whole sheet or fold in half or quarters)

Non-toxic washable markers or ballpoint pens (don’t use Sharpie or other permanent ink)

Spray bottle or pipette (optional)

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