Nature’s Wands

Let’s make some pretend magic and cast spells with our very own magic wands! Imagine what a fairy or gnome living in a garden would use in their magical world.

Now these nature wands are not going to last forever. After a while the leaves will droop and the flowers will wilt, and that’s okay. Enjoy them while you can and always be grateful for the power of nature.

For this project you will need:

1. Some sticks – you can also use chopsticks, popsicle
sticks, pencils.
2. Something colorful from outside – I’m so thankful for the
colorful flowers around my house, but don’t forget the other
plants. A sprig with leaves, some tall grass, some pinecones
from a tree, a long strip of bark, they all make great magic.
3. Some yarn.
4. Some glue or tape. If you have double-stick tape, that is

1. Choose a few flowers or leaves, and a stick. Attach them with your glue, or wrap around with a piece of tape. It does not need to be completely held down.
2. Take one end of the yarn and attach it to the stick as well. Start up at the top, and begin wrapping around the stick, slowly moving down. Sometimes extra double-stick tape or glue here is helpful.
3. When you get down as far as you want to go, and the flowers are secure to the stick, tie a knot and cut off the extra yarn.
4. Cast a spell with your wand!

Important Safety Note!

When gathering your supplies from outside, be careful of a few things.

1. Are there any bugs or animals using this as a habitat? Would you be picking something that is being used as a home? I found a beetle and a snail on a few plants outside so I let them be. I also left the flowers that the bees were using, and I never picked ALL of something.

2. Is this a safe plant to touch? Some plants will make your skin itch or can make you sick. Be sure a grown up is with you and ASK FIRST!

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