Art Club Delivered: Away We Go (a mid-session travel report)

Imagine you’ve made it to your destination- you’ve pitched your tent in the National Park, you’ve explored the area, hiked and biked, and eaten all the local fare. Now it’s time to think about souvenirs!

I love souvenirs- the word’s origins mean, “to remember”. Going to the gift shop and picking up little presents to remind myself of the fun that I had when away, bringing a little present for a friend or just indulging some spending money on a cool t-shirt- the gift shop is a fun way to cap off a vacation.

For our mid-session project, we sent supplies and instructions home to create your own gift shop art. Tie dyed t-shirts, key chains and backpack clips, and a map-lined magnet pin. The studio was filled with laughter as Carol and I reminisced about our treasured souvenirs…we can’t wait to see what you all create!

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