Art Club Delivered: Away We Go (a mid-session travel report)

Imagine you’ve made it to your destination- you’ve pitched your tent in the National Park, you’ve explored the area, hiked and biked, and eaten all the local fare. Now it’s time to think about souvenirs!

I love souvenirs- the word’s origins mean, “to remember”. Going to the gift shop and picking up little presents to remind myself of the fun that I had when away, bringing a little present for a friend or just indulging some spending money on a cool t-shirt- the gift shop is a fun way to cap off a vacation.

For our mid-session project, we sent supplies and instructions home to create your own gift shop art. Tie dyed t-shirts, key chains and backpack clips, and a map-lined magnet pin. The studio was filled with laughter as Carol and I reminisced about our treasured souvenirs…we can’t wait to see what you all create!

Winter 2021 Art Club Delivered…you delivered! Check out the amazing work!

What an absolute blast the last eight weeks have been for us! From brainstorming sessions to building the art projects, our first Art Club Delivered class was the creative challenge we needed to boost us up this winter. And what has been even better than the planning has been seeing the work that our participants have created. We’ve enjoyed seeing photos of families working together on projects and hearing stories of the unexpected results.

We designed these projects for all ages and we’ve been so happy to hear that we reached so many of you, right where we all needed to be this year…at home.

Enjoy the gallery of art works and artists. Thanks so much for joining us this winter…we hope to see you again soon, either at your front door or in the art studio!

Agathe with her work

From our studio to yours…thanks so much, Julie and Carol