Spring in the Seattle

Green Garage Art Studio is looking forward to Spring…spring break, spring art fairs, and spring flowers. Though the fickle weather keeps us bundled in coats and umbrellas still dot the sidewalks, there is change. There is a rainbow of color exploding in front of us and if you are looking for an easy and inspiring way to dive into spring, grab a camera and take a walk and make some photos. These photos could be printed and framed, cut up and collaged into other works, or perhaps they will be references for paintings or drawings. Or maybe just look at the photos on a phone or computer and remember the walk.

Regardless, take that walk and look around. And Happy Spring.

Nature’s Wands

Let’s make some pretend magic and cast spells with our very own magic wands! Imagine what a fairy or gnome living in a garden would use in their magical world.

Now these nature wands are not going to last forever. After a while the leaves will droop and the flowers will wilt, and that’s okay. Enjoy them while you can and always be grateful for the power of nature.

For this project you will need:

1. Some sticks – you can also use chopsticks, popsicle
sticks, pencils.
2. Something colorful from outside – I’m so thankful for the
colorful flowers around my house, but don’t forget the other
plants. A sprig with leaves, some tall grass, some pinecones
from a tree, a long strip of bark, they all make great magic.
3. Some yarn.
4. Some glue or tape. If you have double-stick tape, that is

1. Choose a few flowers or leaves, and a stick. Attach them with your glue, or wrap around with a piece of tape. It does not need to be completely held down.
2. Take one end of the yarn and attach it to the stick as well. Start up at the top, and begin wrapping around the stick, slowly moving down. Sometimes extra double-stick tape or glue here is helpful.
3. When you get down as far as you want to go, and the flowers are secure to the stick, tie a knot and cut off the extra yarn.
4. Cast a spell with your wand!

Important Safety Note!

When gathering your supplies from outside, be careful of a few things.

1. Are there any bugs or animals using this as a habitat? Would you be picking something that is being used as a home? I found a beetle and a snail on a few plants outside so I let them be. I also left the flowers that the bees were using, and I never picked ALL of something.

2. Is this a safe plant to touch? Some plants will make your skin itch or can make you sick. Be sure a grown up is with you and ASK FIRST!

3-D Paper Flower Bouquet

Let’s make pop-up spring flowers! Daffodils and tulips are blooming- let’s decorate some paper, cut them out and glue them together to make our own bouquets.

Materials needed:

White Cardstock or Copy Paper for vase, flowers, stems, and centers (3-4 sheets)

Black or any color paper you’d like for background (Cardstock or construction paper)

Colored pencils, crayons, or markers


White glue

Paperclips, optional but helpful

Let’s Get Started

Flower templates attached or use these as guides and free hand your own shapes. If your printer allows, use cardstock as the heavier weight of the paper will make the flowers “pop” and hold their form. If you only have copy paper, this will work just fine too!

**Decorate the petals, stems, centers and vase before cutting them out.

Let’s make the vase first: cut the decorated vase out. The paper is 4.5” x 6”. Fold the ends on dotted lines and glue the folds to the background. The vase should pop off page. You might use some paperclips to hold in place until glue dries.

Stems: give them some color and glue flat on background- as if coming out of the vase. Vary the lengths of the stems to give them some variety and to make room for the flowers- the stars of the show!!!

To make a tulip:

Cut out 4 decorated tulip shapes. Fold along center of each petal and glue sides together so you have a 3-D tulip. You can now glue a flat side to the background at the top of one of your stems.

To make a daffodil: (4 petal flowers with square center) 

Decorate and cut out. Fold the petals up, along square center (there are dotted lines on template)  Glue the flat square to the top of a stem. Now, add a center. 

Cut out a strip of paper. Cut fringes, roll up, fold over a little bit on the side that doesn’t have fringe and glue to center of flower.

To make the 8 petal flowers:

There are two sizes- big and small. Decorate and cut out. Fold along doted lines and then, make 1 cut between two petals. But only cut to center

Slide these two petals, back to front and glue together. You might need a paperclip to keep flower petals together until dry, but you can go ahead and glue another petal flat to the top of another stem.

Included on the sheet are some shapes that look like an X with a circle center. Decorate and then cut out. Fold the arms of the X up or curl them. You can wrap around a pencil to give it some roundness. Glue circle center to the center of the flower.

Now, your vase should be full of colorful, spring flowers! And they won’t wilt!